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Muay Thai Boxing Gear

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Thai Boxing Gear FAQs

What gear do I need for Muay Thai training?

So you’re headed to the gym for a Muay Thai training session; What Thai Boxing gear will you need?

The good news is, Muay Thai training doesn’t require a huge amount of gear. You’re going to need:

Sports clothing. You’ll want to look and feel comfortable throughout training. Whilst your top/shirt can be almost anything (and many guys choose to train topless in warm climates), you should pay careful attention to the shorts you choose to wear.

Muay Thai training requires a wide range of motion of your legs and hips, so you’ll want to wear shorts that don’t restrict your movement or cause chaffing. If you are committed to Muay Thai, it’s probably worth investing in Muay Thai-specific shorts. There’s a gargantuan range available in a variety of different cuts (so we’ve written an article about how to choose Muay Thai shorts).

Hand wraps. Muay Thai training involves throwing punches. So you’ll want to use wraps to protect the bones in your wrists and hands. There are a few different types and sizes of Muay Thai hand and wrist wraps available. Wraps are often provided by Muay Thai gyms so ask your trainer if you are unsure which hand/wrist wraps are best for you. (Plus we’ve put together an explanation of how Muay Thai hand/wrist wraps work, and how to choose the correct fit).

Muay Thai Gloves. Once your hands are wrapped, for most punching activities you’ll also want to wear Thai boxing gloves. Again, if you are unsure which gloves are best for you, ask your trainer. Muay Thai gyms will provide rental gloves, so it’s worth experimenting with a few different boxing glove sizes and brands to determine what fits. Once you are ready to invest in your own pair, we’ve compiled a guide to choosing Muay Thai boxing gloves, discussing brands, sizing and fit, materials, durability, comfort, and bling 😉

Feet. Muay Thai is practiced barefoot. So no shoes are required. Some athletes choose to wear wraps or supports to protect their ankles. If you have a history of talocrural issues, it may be worth considering an ankle support or wrap. Again, you can consult your Muay Thai trainer if you are unsure.

Muay Thai boxing equipment

What gear do I need for Muay Thai sparring?

For Muay Thai training you’ll want to wear comfortable sports clothing, with special attention to shorts where you’ll want to make sure your garment allows free-ranging motion. If serious about Muay Thai, it’s worth investing in Muay Thai-specific shorts.

You’ll protect your hands (plus whatever you are punching) using Muay Thai hand/wrist wraps and boxing gloves. Some people like to use wraps or supports to protect their ankles too.

Honing technique on heavy bags or practicing striking with a Muay Thai trainer, it’s one-way traffic.

But once you progress to Muay Thai sparring you are going to get hit and kicked back. If you’ve not tried sparring before, you’ll quickly discover it consumes a lot more energy.

Unless you want to end up looking like Sloth from the Goonies, you’ll want to wear additional gear to protect yourself.

For Muay Thai sparring it’s common to see fighters wearing a mouthguard (gum shield) and shin guards. Depending on how hard you are going you can also wear head protection and a groin cup (for the gents).

Trainers often wear belly pads for static work. Belly pads do offer a good degree of abdominal protection but are bulky, add weight and restrict motion so aren’t favored for Muay Thai sparring.

Muay Thai boxing gear

Which brand/manufacturer of Muay Thai gear is best?

Muay Thai has become a popular martial art and fitness activity both in Thailand and worldwide.

Back in the day, only a handful of manufacturers produced a limited range of Muay Thai gear.
However, the rising popularity of Thai Boxing as a participant sport has hugely increased the number of Muay Thai brands. Nowadays near countless numbers of manufacturers produce Muay Thai clothing and equipment.

Walk into any Muay Thai gym and you’re sure to see gear from a few of the huge ‘household’ names. Newer Muay Thai brands are gaining popularity too. Some of the most popular include:

… and many, many more.

So which brand of Muay Thai gear is the best? Each manufacturer and product will have its pros and cons, so there’s no simple answer. Plus it depends on which criteria are most important to you (for example, price, durability, comfort, appearance, distribution, ease of purchase, availability, sizing, etc).

Sticking to the big brands (i.e. Twins, Fairtex, Top King, etc) is likely to be a safe choice and usually offers competitive value for money. But giving some of the smaller Thai Boxing brands a try can be worthwhile too; It’s possible to find great deals, look more unique/individual and try out some really high-quality pieces of kit. And of course, there’s plenty of cheap junk out there to avoid.

Our hope is that helps you determine which Muay Thai gear is best for you. This website is completely independent and provides unbiased, no BS reviews pointing out what is great (or not) about each piece of Thai boxing gear we test.

As Muay Thai enthusiasts, we’d love your feedback too. If you’ve tried the Muay Thai gear featured here, please give us your thoughts and findings. Likewise, feel free to post your questions and engage with the Muay Thai community.

What should I wear to my first Muay Thai class?

Congratulations on deciding to give Muay Thai a try!

You’re about to embark upon a fascinating journey combining Thai & Far Eastern traditions, fitness conditioning, technical striking, defense, and movement. Stick with it and you’ll build cardio & strength improvements, surround yourself with positive people and gain a great sense of accomplishment.

But what should you wear for your first trip to the Muay Thai gym?

Our initial advice is don’t buy every conceivable piece of Muay Thai gear you’ll need upfront.

Any decent Muay Thai gym will provide the Thai boxing-specific gear you need to train, such as hand/wrist wraps, gloves, shin pads etc. These come in a variety of brands, sizes, fits, materials, etc, so whilst you are starting out in Muay Thai, it is worth experimenting with a bunch of different rental gear. During your Muay Thai sessions, your trainer will (hopefully) identify and advise which bits of Thai Boxing gear work best for you, plus you’ll develop your own feel and understanding.

For your first Muay Thai class what you should wear is comfortable sports clothing. Make sure your garments allow a free range of motion and are suited to the climate where you’ll be training. (Plus make sure you are hydrated and fueled for physical activity).

That’s it! Relax and have a great time 🙂

Where is the best place to buy Muay Thai gear?

Short answer: Thailand.

Muay Thai originated in Thailand.
Muay Thai is the national sport and is widely practiced and watched throughout the country.
So it makes sense that the best Muay Thai gear is produced there.

On price, usually the closer you can buy to the source of origin, the better the deal you’ll get.

Thanks to online shopping, no matter where you are based you can purchase direct from Muay Thai gear manufacturers in Thailand.

All the gear reviews listed here include a link to the manufacturers’ website (provided they have one!). So you can buy direct from the guys who are making the Thai Boxing gear. Domestic or international shipping is usually available and cheap, plus manufacturers are normally happy to answer any questions you have. (If there’s anything you are still unsure about, you can post a comment under any of our reviews and engage with the wider Muay Thai community).

There are a couple of caveats about where best to buy Muay Thai gear:

So you’ve identified the piece of Muay Thai kit you want to buy, and have got a price for purchasing direct from the manufacturer. It’s worth giving the big online comparison websites a quick try, as you might be able to get a special deal. In Asia, you have websites including Lazada, Shopee and AliExpress. Internationally you could look at Amazon or eBay.

If you aren’t sure about sizing or fit, it might be advisable to visit a physical store to try on the Muay Thai gear before purchasing. Exchanging wrong fitting gear via international shipping could turn into a slow, expensive hassle. Better to be certain the fit is correct. Alternatively, confirm your sizing is correct by trying out rental gear at your Muay Thai gym or experimenting with training partners gear (if they’ll let you ;). Maybe not the groin cup. Or mouthguard.

Do you wear shoes during Muay Thai?


Muay Thai is a martial art that is practiced barefoot. Shoes are not worn for Muay Thai.