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Raja Boxing SP Muay Thai Shorts

Raja Boxing SP Muay Thai Shorts

Value for Money

Some of the most fun Muay Thai shorts on the market!

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Raja Boxing

Raja Boxing SP Muay Thai Shorts

Do I really need Muay Thai shorts?

The simple answer is no. When you’re practicing Muay Thai, probably the main thing you want is comfort in your clothing. Muay Thai demands a great deal of flexibility and requires a lot of movement. So, you need to keep that in mind when choosing your attire before class. Another consideration is the heat. Especially if you are training in a hot climate, you will sweat- massively. Training Muay Thai in Thailand during their hot months can probably be accurately compared to being in hell, but with higher humidity.

In the past, most male students preferred to go shirtless, or at most with a tank top. These days it seems to be fashionable to wear a nylon rashvest for some reason. I don’t exactly understand this unless it is just to further torture for those masochists who like to train Muay Thai. When I’ve asked, I’m told that they are easier to clean and quicker drying than cotton shirts. That may be the case, but if you’re a guy, there’s no need to wear a shirt anyway. But I digress, back to the shorts…

Muay Thai shorts are functional. Obviously, they have been designed to stand up to the rigors of the sport and many manufacturers have been going next level with their design elements. One of those companies that has truly excelled in putting out some wildly creative new shorts for Muay Thai is Raja Boxing.

In the old days, Muay Thai shorts were made of Thai silk- a material which was both colorful and strong. The traditional designs were artistic and showcased a lot of the cultural aspects of Thai society. As Thai silk became a prized textile and drove the price up, the switch was made to satin, a material which was a good imitator of silk, though less rugged.

These days, synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester dominate the market. Cotton is used by some manufacturers, as well.

What makes shorts Muay Thai shorts?

Muay Thai shorts are usually designed with a wide, very tight-fitting waistline which can be further secured with a thick drawstring. In addition, they generally have a fairly wide leg to enable the movement necessary to land head kicks to opponents. Usually they have slits on the outside of the thighs to provide further range of motion. In the last 10 years, many designers are replacing the slits with a wide inverted “U” to allow that motion.

And they are short. Possibly, it will take some getting used to the length of them. They do ride higher on the thighs than other athletic shorts- again for movement. Another thing is that when they are too long they, tend to grip your legs which may limit your movement as well as resulting in tears along the seams. Once you’ve worn them a few times, you’ll get used to it. If you’re a guy, wear them to the beach also. That way you won’t have embarrassing tan lines below where your Muay Thai shorts cover.

You should look for double stitching along the crotch/butt area as well as along the edges.

Where can I buy Muay Thai shorts?

The first place to look is at your Muay Thai gym. Most gyms in Thailand work with manufacturers to have their own customized shorts for sale promoting the gym. If you’re training in a Muay Thai gym in Thailand, they love to see you representing, so you’ll have a soft spot with the trainers. In addition, they make great souvenirs of your time in Thailand. If you look on the internet for a pair of shorts and buy direct from the manufacturer, you’ll likely pay a bit more money than at your gym. Gyms will purchase in bulk and get a better price. You may pay the same price, but your gym will make some cash. Which brings me to my final point. Gyms are not huge money makers. If you can support your gym with some equipment purchases, you’re likely helping them get by.

The Raja SP Muay Thai shorts still look good after three months of hard training!

So, what about the Raja SP Muay Thai shorts?


Man, I am impressed with some of the designs. Raja has really been pushing the envelope when it comes to aesthetics of their gear and nowhere is this more evident than their Muay Thai shorts. Some of them seem to incorporate cartoon-like designs reminiscent of a misguided youth. While others use wild colors and throwback international patterns (even paisley!) which probably had never been seen inside of a Muay Thai ring prior to the last 10 years, or so.

And there are a load of different designs. Buying some new Muay Thai shorts while browsing on the Raja Boxing website has been one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences since I opened my little gym 21 years ago. Of course, some of them are completely not to my taste, but many of them are. And these shorts are definitely fun and completely outside the box of what came before.

I purchased my first pair direct from their website a few months ago. I just wanted a sample of something that I thought would be more enticing for people to buy. They definitely have curb appeal and I get a load more comments now than I have with any other shorts that I have owned in that time. As far as their look, I am 100% sold. They are fantastic. I am working with Raja Boxing to use some of their existing designs and putting my own logo on them to sell in our gym on Koh Tao.

Actor Luna Tieu also sports a pair of Raja's wacky Muay Thai shorts!


The fit of these shorts is similar to most Thai brands. That is, they fit small. I have a 34inch waist, am built pretty solid and the XL just barely fits me. I think the XXL would be best for me. That’s no big deal and is more the rule than the exception with Thai-based companies.

Thai fighters are small. There are not too many fighting above 70kg and most are in the 52-56kg range. I suppose the manufacturers make their clothes to fit the local market. One thing that may be difficult is carrying this line in a Western gym, where people are bigger. The biggest size these shorts come in is XXL. Like I said, that would probably be ideal for someone about my size- 5’10” (1.78m), 185lbs (83kg).

That said, the shorts fit well. Like most Muay Thai shorts, they show off the legs and the Raja shorts are very comfortable. The only drawback is that they may not fit everybody (bigger people). It’s a shame bc if they fit them for Westerners with a true XL and XXL and made XS and XXS for the Thai fighters, then there would definitely be a bigger market for these awesome shorts!


I’ve had these shorts for about 3 months. I probably wear them 2-3 times a week. Because I own the gym and have a cleaning crew, I get these machine washed and sun dried after every use. So, they get treated fairly harshly. If I was traveling to a gym and using these, I’d probably just give them a quick rinse in the sink and leave them to dry on my hotel balcony.

They look brand new. The stitching is superb, not a single stray thread. Along the crotch, the outer edges of the shorts and along the waistline everything is double-stitched. They haven’t lasted that long yet, but they give every indication of a high quality product that will stand the test of time. I expect that a good pair of Muay Thai shorts should last anywhere from 2-3 years and maybe a good 300+ sessions before needing replacement. I have many that have far exceeded that. But I think these Raja Boxing Muay Thai shorts should easily last that long.

Based on the limited use and the construction of the shorts, I would give them top marks.

Value for Money

In Thailand, you can easily spend 800-900 THB (22-25USD) for Muay Thai shorts. I had one supplier last year who informed me that the prices would be increased to 1500+THB (45USD+). That was a wholesale price! I was shocked. I know that Muay Thai shorts are not cheap, but that was over the top.

Be aware, you can find cheap Muay thai knockoff shorts in many of the markets around Thailand for 10USD, or so. These are crap and not worth bothering with. They look cheap, fit terribly and will only last for a few sessions if you are lucky.

The Raja shorts, on the other hand, are extremely competitive with their pricing. Many of the shorts are as little as 17 USD. I don’t know how they do it that cheaply. I’d have to say that combined with the quality construction and the fashionable designs. The Raja Boxing SP Muay Thai shorts are probably the best shorts I have come across during my time in the industry.