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Twins Special BGVL-3 Glove

Twins Special BGVL-3 Glove

Value for Money

All-around, heavy duty, low maintenance, long-lasting glove

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Twins Special

Twins Special BGVL-3 Glove

The Twins Special BGVL- 3 is one of the most iconic gloves in Thailand. Many gyms throughout the country use them as their loaner gear. Professionals and amateurs throughout Thailand swear by their quality, toughness, fit and comfort.

Founded in 1992 in Bangkok, Twins is one of the most successful fight training gear manufacturers ever, and their products are shipped and used throughout the world. Simply stated, Twins is huge. There probably is not another brand that competes with them in terms of volume or name recognition in the Muay Thai community. At least not in Thailand.

Part of Twins marketing strategy has been to offer their products affordably in as many different venues as possible. This leads to free advertising and future sales amongst Muay Thai fighters, trainees and novices. But they could not just offer cheap crap. They had to also produce good equipment. And this they have done for almost 30 years in Thailand.

There are unconfirmed stories that the company was founded by two brothers who eventually chose to go separate ways. One kept control of Twins while the other founded Top King which also is known for great Muay Thai and Boxing equipment.

We reviewed this specific entry-level glove because it was the most recognizable and popular in the country.

Note- One thing that has always annoyed me with these gloves is the name “BGVL”. Surely it should be BGLV, no? Boxing GLoVe (BGLV). It is something that has constantly upset my OCD for many years!

First Impressions: Twins BGVL-3 Boxing Glove

When you like at this boxing glove, you aren’t really left thinking anything other than “That’s a boxing glove.” There are no bells and whistles here. You wouldn’t see these on a shelf as a kid in a sporting goods store and say, “I want that one!”

The Twins Special BGVL-3 is a plain model that comes in various colors and even some oddly matched two-tone models. The gloves can be purchased from 8oz- 18oz in 2oz increments. However, aesthetics are definitely not their strongest point..

That said, there is something appealing about the simplicity of the one-color black, red or blue BGVL-3. Not sure if it just makes me nostalgic or if it is truly like a classic car, stripped down of all but the bare essentials. Either way, this glove just feels like a throwback to an old-school boxing gym in Philly or Brooklyn. That, or a small hut in a Thailand jungle with a duct-taped bag hanging from a leaning coconut tree- the kind of place that dots the Thai landscape and produces some of the most hardened Muay Thai fighters.

These are training gloves. In Muay Thai, the Velcro wrist bands are only used for training. Muay Thai fights use gloves with laces. Trust me, you want the Velcro. Otherwise, you need another person to not only put your gloves on and off for your workout session, but also someone to pour water in your mouth and wipe your sweat off your face during training. Try asking a Muay Thai trainer in Thailand to tend to you that attentively and tell me how that goes! And if they ARE willing to give you that much attention, RUN. Their intentions are likely nefarious.

I should mention that I am a Muay Thai trainer and the owner of a training center in Thailand. We have used a variety of different manufacturers over the 20 years that we have been in business. In my Muay Thai camp, we tend to use 12oz gloves for bag and pad work, and 14oz gloves for sparring. Women and kids may wish to train with the 10oz gloves that we have on hand. This arrangement is typical of Muay Thai gyms here. To be honest, probably half of our trainees have their own full set of gear and may only use our bigger gloves to spar with.

Glove Fit

Notwithstanding the plain-Jane appearance of the BGVL-3, the glove is a workhorse. It has been designed with a slightly larger hand-pocket, which is exactly what you need if you will be using the glove for various students throughout the day. Most of our gloves get used for at least an hour and a half/day. But it was typical for them to be getting 5-6 hours on a busy day (pre-Covid, of course).

Our loaner gear at the gym also includes 180 inch wristwraps which are somewhat long, but standard. They take up some space inside the glove. I have quite fat hands with short fingers and find the Twins 12 oz BGVL-3 are still the easiest for me to work my hands into when wrapped. That is among the 12 oz gloves, at least. That extra space in the pocket is great for me. It may or may not be ideal for everyone, though. A lot of people like it really snug inside (me included).

I’ll be honest, we prefer that for our loaner gear, the gloves aren’t sized too snug. When they are, they wear out much quicker. And in a heavy use environment when they may not be getting dried out between sessions, those form-fitting gloves will wear out faster and cost the gym more money over time.

This should not be a consideration for people who want to buy a personal set of gloves. Even if you train everyday, you should be able to take care of your gear and give it time to dry out somewhat between sessions. Spreading a thin layer of petroleum jelly along the seams and the creases of your leather gear will also increase its life. Don’t go crazy. Once a week or so will do.

So, the fit of the glove is probably a good selling point for people with bigger hands, longer wraps or those who don’t want to feel claustrophobic. The BGVL- 3 does a good job at addressing the needs of most people.


Of all the famous branded gloves that are found in Thailand gyms, I think Twins is no doubt one of the best. I have found that they are easily among the most durable and longest-lasting. Even in a heavy-use Muay Thai environment, the BGVL-3 from Twins is able to stand up to the rigors of everyday use in the searing Thai heat which produces a sweat like few other places in the world.

If your main priority is purchasing a Muay Thai training glove that will last, you can’t go wrong with the BGVL-3.

Twins special BGVL-3 Muay Thai boxing glove

As mentioned, the hand pocket is slightly larger than comparable models on the market. So, fit is a matter of personal preference. If you like a little bit of wriggle room in your gloves, this is probably your best bet. These gloves are also great for people teaching Boxing or Muay Thai. They’re easier to get your students into and out of than other brands.

In our gym, we usually spar a lot with our students- most sessions even. So, our trainers tend to wrap their forearms, which adds a little extra protection for kicks, but don’t cover their hands/wrists as much. This makes it even easier to get into and out of gloves- a necessity to start timers for rounds, drink water, transition from sparring to clinching training, take breaks to speak to walk-in customers, etc.

If fit is your main concern, you should try these gloves out in a gym before purchasing. The added interior space may not be for everyone.


Much is written about comfort, but I won’t bother. I prefer function and performance. Without a doubt, if you slip your unwrapped hand into a brand new Fairtex, Top King or Yokkao glove and then try on the Twins Special BGVL-3 just after, you will notice the difference. The Twins glove is a little more rigid. The materials inside are a bit more coarse. That expanded pocket will make the others seem to hug your hand a little more tightly. Those other gloves will ‘feel’ like they are superior. And in terms of comfort, they will be.

But once you wrap your hands and begin beating some pads, a bag or another person, you probably will not be thinking of how comfortable/uncomfortable your gloves seem. It’s like a new pair of underwear. They feel great when you put them on in the morning, smooth, smelling nice, straight out of the package, tight and secure. But after a stressful day of work, you’re probably not thinking about how snug and comfortable your private bits are.

In terms of ‘comfort’ the BGVL-3 is fine.

Using Twins Special Muay Thai boxing gloves for rental at a gym in Thailand


The Twins Special BGVL-3 is a great glove for personal or commercial use. They are priced just a little bit cheaper (maybe 10-20USD, or so) than Fairtex or Top King. Because of that expanded pocket, they tend to last longer than others due to less stress on the seams and creases. So, these gloves are a great investment.

Perhaps, they are not as comfortable as some of the others, but I find that overvalued anyway. Comfort is fleeting in Muay Thai.

If you happen to like the fit and feel of these gloves, and you can get past the simplicity of their looks, you will be impressed with the over-all quality of this Twins product.

Verdict: Twins Special BGVL-3 Muay Thai Boxing Glove

I love this glove! It is not my favorite glove in Thailand. And because I own a Muay Thai camp in Thailand, I do tend to look at glove purchases through a singular lens- How long will it last? But even considering other factors, such as appearance and fit, these still hold their own.

Undoubtedly, the Twins Special BGVL-3 is one of the best gloves on the market amongst the top brand names for use as loaner gloves in your gym. Compared to the other familiar names that are available here, you may choose a different glove for yourself. Fairtex, Top King and Yokkao are excellent, as well. And these other brands have a lot to offer. They may be the best glove FOR YOU.

But I think that for a good all-around, heavy duty, low maintenance, long-lasting glove, the BGVL-3 is definitely going to outperform all but one other glove. That one I won’t name yet, because it is not yet widely available, has no market presence, no website, and the manufacturers have a very limited grasp of English. I’ll reveal the best glove for quality and durability in another post.

So for today, we will just conclude by saying that the Twins Special BGVL- 3 is a great Muay Thai Boxing glove!